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The greatest thing about ComicPress is that when I don’t feel like writing posts for whatever reason, tonight’s being that I’m just dog-ass tired, is that I can just say “Do it for me” and it’ll make a comic post without me writing any kind of blog or comment about it.

So for the right now, they’re just whatever ComicPress creates when you check the “Create Post” box. When I get some rest I’ll come in and fix them. But the comics are ready for reading and that’s the important part so go forth and giggle.

And remember LIGHTSABER DAY is JULY 1st! CLICK HERE to find out what this craziness is.


German Lightsaber Geek


Seriously, we’ve got nothing today. Caption This! seems to have failed miserably from a somewhat non-existent degree of participation, and there are no commentaries/ragecasts/photmanips to put up right now.

Instead, I’ll embed the playlist for my current project, “The Great Wii Fit Experiment”, in which I use Wii Fit for 14 days to test its effect on the human body. So far, I’ve gained 3 pounds (0_o) and have pulled thigh muscles, so I’d have to say its a pretty epic fail at this point. Feel free to comment either here or on my YouTube channel, where you can expect me to start posting some form of VLog in the future.


Well, I hope everyone had a good Lightsaber Day and will remember to send in their pictures or videos!

Unfortunately, I was in a rush to get to work and left my Lightsaber at home. So I didn’t really get to play along but I’m constructing something I hope to get going for next years Lightsaber Day, I’ll let you all know when we get closer to that date. 365 days till the next! Better start shopping for gifts now!

On the plus side, a fan from Stuttgart, Germany sent us a picture of him celebrating Lightsaber day. Thanks to Falk Ebert!





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¡¡Superman en GTA V Online!! – Easter Egg Superhéroe Tienda de Comics – GTA V Online 1.09

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